1.  Are helmets included in the price?
Yes, non full face helmet are inclusive in the price. If you would like a rent full-face helmet, the cost is IDR 50.000/day.

2.  Can I carry a pillion rider?
Yes, all our scooters can carry a pillion rider.

3.  Do I need an International Driving License?
Yes, you do. For International Driving License with other languages (for example: Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic etc.), unfortunately,  we have to inform you that you might have a problems with the police department here since they can not understand the languages, theoretically you should not drive if your license is from outside the US or EU. The police is very lenient about it, but the ticket is potentially very expensive ($350), so it’s a risk that you have to decide if you would like to take it or not.

4.  Is there a place for me to store my surfboard while renting a scooter from Safar Bali?
Yes, there is. Our scooter have a special rack to accommodate surfboard on the side. This needs to be specified on request.

5.  Do I need to book in advance?
Yes, you do. Because in high season or peak season we are often sold out.

6.  How do I pay you?
You can send a wire transfer to our bank (please send us an email and we’ll let you know our bank account details). We also accept cash at pick up your vehicle. We don’t accept any other method of payment.

7.  What is the minimum age to rent a scooter?
The minimum age is 18 years old. For the type of scooter you want, please fill in our Booking Order form.

8.  What papers do I need to bring?
To rent any scooter start from 110 cc, you need to bring: your valid International Driving License, Credit Card, Your Passport.