Terms and Condition


1.  Minimum Scooter Rental Plan period is 2 days.
2.  Tenant must be in possession of Valid International Driving License.
3.  Required to provide a copy of Valid Passport during delivery day.
4.  Helmets and rain coat (included in daily rental rate).
5.  Lost and Damaged Term of Conditions:
–  Losing the Helmet or Key will be charged IDR 150.000 per each.
–  Losing the Rain Coat IDR 60.000 per each.
–  Losing the Vehicle Registration Document (STNK) will be charged IDR 600.000.

Please note:
–  You have to keep this document with you at all times while using the scooter. –  We provide you with this document so the police can not bribe you out of any money during roadblocks if your driving license are valid.
–  Losing and Damaging the scooter during the rental period will not be covered by the insurance and the tenant is obligate to pay for the replacement cost.

6.  If the tenant does not have an International Driving License or any Traffic Law Obstruction Occurs, any case involve with the police caused by this matter, has to be settled by the tenant them self.
7.  Free delivery and pick up for Airport-Kuta-Legian area. For other area additional charge will occurs (08.00 PM – 06.00 AM).


1.  You must be at least 18 years old
2.  You must have a valid motorcycle class driver’s license
3.  You must have a major credit card